Location: Sanur Beach, Bali

It’s been an awesome day! All of Vela’s new crew members are coming together and working as a team, making it clear each and every one of us can depend on each other for the upcoming voyage. Jackson brings the goofy humor everyone needs as we get through our diving refreshers and open water classes we all have to endure before hopping in the water. Ben is an amazing friend to everyone around him, Jake may be the funniest staff member seamester has ever had given the open water certification class, and Tom brings the wonderful calmness we all need. It has been a fantastic second day aboard the Vela.

Every student aboard this beautiful vessel is going out of their way to make sure we work as a team on every task that’s thrown at us, from cleaning to class and even organizing our cabins. Even though we were all strangers yesterday, it feels like we’re already becoming closer than any normal class! We are all more than ready to set sail tomorrow across the beautiful green water that surrounds us. As a student aboard the Vela, I have never met a more welcoming, hard-working group of people In my life!

We all became familiarized with our new home as we were shown around the boat, learning what being crew aboard the vela entails. We went over everything from cooking and how to make the galley function to the engine room and even how to keep the head operational during our voyage. Everyone is putting a fantastic amount of effort into learning our new jobs to ensure our new home for the next three months stays ship shape! As we are about to set sail for the first time!

I think it’s fair to say everyone aboard has been completely blown away by the beauty we are surrounded by in Indonesia. Waking up to a mind-blowing sunrise and watching the small local fishing boats head out from port on deck with wonderful people having a good laugh has been my favorite and most memorable experience since climbing aboard the Vela. Although the jet lag after arriving here has probably been my biggest challenge. Every student and staff member is extremely supportive and inclusive in every way, which has been creating an awesome environment that most suddenly will never get the opportunity to experience.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us.