Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes

This morning the crew woke up and headed straight on deck to eat a delicious bacon and eggs breakfast and then man the sails. Our passage today was from Dominica to Les Saintes. It was quite interesting to be in the dishy pit this afternoon. We cleaned the dishes while underway to Les Saintes, and the swells were so high as we were cleaning, they even sent water flooding the deck. It was amazing to sit back and see the waves going above the side of our sailboat. As we arrived, we started a very fun boat appreciation. After a thorough cleaning of the entire vessel, we got to sit back and take in the beautiful view we had just anchored around. Some of us learned more about how the engine was working and got to understand the whole engine room better. We then had shower time before dinner. There was a surprise from the cooks at the end of dinner; dessert!!! Everybody was happy to see sweets come out of the gopher hole as soon as we finished. They had made a tasty treat for us to all enjoy, mango sticky rice. It was really yummy, and we appreciated the little sugar burst to get us through cleanup. Many of us are now going on our first night dive, and we are excited to see what awaits us 🙂

Pictured: Photo sequence of Joseph, Jill, Steffen, and Matthew cleaning the topsides during BA; shots of us taking data in the Indian River yesterday.