Location: Great Harbor Peter, BVI

We started off the day with high winds in Gorda Sound. We first got our secondary anchor up in Tiny Tim, then got the primary anchor up and headed off to Salt Island by 8 a.m. We had an awesome sail down the channel and reached our destination in no time. Upon arrival, we sent Mark and Chantale on a recon mission to check the seas and current at the dive site we were going to dive, the RMS Rhone. Unfortunately, the seas were fairly substantial, and it would have made for an uncomfortable dive, so we raised anchor and headed to Great Harbor Peter. We ended up doing a cool dive on the Rhone anchor in Great Harbor Peter, rafted up with Ocean Star, and hung out in the afternoon until our early dinner. We then headed for our night dive on the Fearless. The dive was incredible and represented a culmination of our diving experience. It was, after all, a deep wreck and night dive. Awesome day.