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After huge waves filling up the cockpit and many tablets of Dramamine, Ocean Star and her crew survived the first-night watch during the passage from Nevis to Grenada. We were traveling in up to 10-foot swells and 25-knot winds for the duration of the night. To pass our time, we played many rounds of 20 questions, stared at the beautiful stars in the somewhat clear sky, and watched bioluminescent micro-organisms fly across the deck. It took lots of adjusting to get used to the cycle of four hours on, four hours off throughout the day and night, but by today, it was getting slightly easier. After our four hours off, watch team 2 made hot tea in the morning to eat along with their cereal. Two not so great things to consume in strong wind and big swells, but it made for a pretty exciting experience. The tea was a bit messy as we accidentally poured the hot water on each other’s hands due to the great swaying of the boat. Lunchtime consisted of four big trays of nachos, thanks to Steve. This delicious lunch turned into an all-day, and all night, snack. Singing was a big activity for both watch teams. While sometimes songs were a song of the more popular verity, after many hours of night watch, new songs were made that consisted of great descriptions and tales of the staff. By the end of the day, we have traveled around 200 miles and are continuing to make great time.