Location: Bequia, The Grenadines

Today was our first full day in Bequia. After breakfast, we had an OCE lecture about geology, followed by an MTE class about tides and currents. Steve, Sarah, and Beaker went diving just before lunch just outside the harbor for Chantal’s research. I sat surface during their dive, which gave me a nice amount of peace and quiet. The majority of the crew spent lunch ashore at various restaurants, and then we all had an opportunity to explore Bequia. Some took this opportunity to check out various local shops, while others spent time catching up on emails. There was a second dive in the afternoon with Mark, Annie, Beth, and Beaker with Sarah sitting surface. We are working very hard to get everything in place so that Chantale will have good information for her Ph.D. After shore time, Willie, a local man who goes around the harbor selling various trinkets, including whale teeth, bone, and other cool things, was on board, ready to show us all of what he had. He came around in a tiny little boat named “No Complain,” which Maggie mentioned yesterday. For the third time this trip, we took showers down below, and we also got a sheet change, which is something we all look forward to. After dinner, we had our final class of the day in the saloon.