Location: Clifton Harbor, Union Island

Today was an academic-filled day beginning with a chemical oceanography quiz in Oceanography followed by a lecture in energy transfer. After class, we were anchors up and moving on to our next country: St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Our first stop is in the beautiful Union Island. After a quick 1-hour motor, Ocean Star was tucked in nicely between Newlands Reef and Round About Reef. A delicious lunch re-energized our crew to hit the books with a Marine Biology lecture on Porifera, cnidaria, and ctenophores (or more commonly sponges, jellyfish, corals, and comb jellies). With one-quarter of the trip gone and first exams and due dates on the horizon, the free time this afternoon was filled with perfecting knots, browsing academic journals and identifying potential project study sites. Dinner was a scrumptious pork roast with mashed sweet potatoes and squash. With everyone’s bellies again full, we are preparing for our final class of the day: Student Leadership Development. I am especially looking forward to this evening’s class as we will be doing one of my favorite GXG activities: “Black and White Cards.” In this activity, black and white postcards with various images are spread out across the table. You then must find one card which reminds you of something you are proud of about yourself, something you would like to work on, and one which represents a trait of a good teammate. It is always interesting to not only hear other people’s answers but also to learn what it was they saw on the card. It should be a great activity for us to learn more about our fellow members of the Ocean Star crew!