Location: underway

How glad we are to be back on passage! Boomer always says “land makes you soft,” and we usually sort of shrug him off and say, “yeah whatever, crazy Capt. Boomer’s just in love with the ocean.” Maybe that’s true, but I know I felt a weight lift from my shoulders when Eliot made it back from the last battle with Ghalib-ian beaurocracy and we could hoist the dinghy back onboard. This may have something to do with the fact that I was skipper dujour, and therefore responsible for walking around with a clipboard, checking things off, looking official, and stressing, but I’m inclined to think we all heaved a sigh. Desert air out, sea air in, call up a breeze and lo! My watch team and a few newly showered shipmates (the water’s getting colder- showers= balmy side of near arctic) got to raise the sails. It’s good to feel the line tickling my new calluses, good to see the sails fill to the shape of broken sea shells. If you hold them to your ear you’ll hear the ocean. The stars tonight will be brighter than the dock lights in Port Ghalib, I assure you. I won’t need to make treasure hunts to play pirate or paper schooners and snowflakes to keep my hands busy. I love passage. Skipper Keely, signing out for the last time- the job wheel has begun it’s final rotation.