Location: West End, Tortola, BVI

The crew opted for an early start this morning to get a jump start on a busy last day; 6:30 AM wake-ups were met with an efficient start, everyone going about preparing for our last motor over to West End, Tortola, BVI. We had a simple but delicious breakfast of cereal, which was perfect since we were eating underway. Upon arrival in West End, we anchored to await a spot on the dock and went ahead and started our final and thorough boat appreciation (BA). All students and staff could be seen cleaning and organizing around the boat, everything from emptying the lazarette to cleaning the void and personal spaces. There was a lull around noon when we all broke for a quick lunch of sandwiches and snacks before we moved the boat onto the dock. Once secured, everyone went about their business, continuing BA until late afternoon, the result of which is a beautiful and rejuvenated Ocean Star. Students were excited to be done with ocean showers and take their last shower onshore before their departures. Once we had all showered and changed, we sat around for the last squeeze of the trip, during which everyone went around saying what the trip had meant to them and how thankful they were for the experience. We then proceeded to shuttle in the dinghies over to Fish and Lime for dinner. There was an assortment of meals, steak with mashed potatoes, chicken with rice and vegetables, and veggie pasta with a creamy mint sauce (all of which were delicious). Everyone was excited when a band set up and live music was played; the rest of the evening was spent in good company, dancing and chatting the night away.