Location: The Pitons, St. Lucia

Today we woke up to another fantastic sunrise from under petit piton before getting served an amazing cooked breakfast of french toast, eggs, and hash browns. As this was an excursion day, lunch was also brought on deck with breakfast so it could be packed for a hike. Shortly after clean up, one of Peter’s park ranger team met the hikers on the beach. Involved in the hike were also waterfalls, botanical gardens, and a natural mud spa. Although the students loved this experience, no one enjoyed the mud more than Captain nick, who proceeded to roll around and soak in the muddy goodness. If it wasn’t for a strict deadline, he said he would have loved to stay there forever, splashing around in the wet mud. Back at home, I ran around the boat doing small jobs like greasing the head, repairing the foc’sle door, and taking up residence in the deep bilge of the engine room. After coming back from the hike, Kebo presented his leadership presentation to the group, which was all about leading with integrity, a very relevant subject onboard a vessel where everyone shares responsibility for almost all tasks throughout the day. And even better. After class, the students came up to find Gunnar had returned! To finish off the day, Ryan and the galley team pulled off another great meal before doing the daily squeeze, where we said our general appreciation for the day as well as an appreciation for the person to our left for what they bring to the boat.

Photo 1: Full squad at the waterfall
Photo 2: The galley team cheffing up breakfast
Photo 3: Ryan and Ashlyn with their rt’
Photo 4: Sean doing what he does best (selling solar)
Photo 5: The waterfall!
Photo 6: Dani and Liana under the falls
Photo 7: Aidan covered in rejuvenating mud
Photo 8: Everyone in the mud baths
Photo 9: Dani in mud
Photo 10: Walking down the road back to Ostar
Photo 11: Kebo waving to Charlie
Photo 12: Kebo and KT in their matching hats
Photo 13: Nick2