Location: Kumai, Borneo

After a great night of sleep and our first two-person anchor watch teams, we woke up early in the morning for our two-day orangutan tour. We hopped off Argo and got into another boat that would take us up the beautiful Kumai River for a few hours to one of the orangutans feeding stations. Throughout the river, we saw monkeys and heard the sounds of various rain forest animals. When we arrived at our destination and touched land for the first time in a few days, we were greeted by a very playful orangutan, and we saw some more after that. After we had some delicious lunch made by the people on the boat, we went to another feeding station. We had a great day, bonding, laughing, appreciating nature, and relaxing. At night some of us decided to go on a night walk, and some decided to stay on the boat where beds had been arranged on the deck.