Location: Rasdhoo Island, Maldives

Hello friends and family! I can’t start day 12 without telling you about our late-night voyage from the night before. Despite the loss of sleep, our first overnight passage was filled with lots of crazy laughter and shenanigans. Lots of us got to steer the ship for the first time, only using a compass and the beautiful stars. When we started to get hungry while on watch, we got to snack on homemade flapjacks (the non-American version), which are sweet and oaty. Noah and Cate were blessed early this morning on the final watch with a spectacular sunset and a pod of dolphins racing Vela.

Sun-kissed from too much fun during the water sports yesterday, I spent my morning coating myself in aloe and sunscreen. After I knew I was fully protected for the day, snorkel team 6 (Finley, Ian, Danar, Zach, Trey, and Robbie) prepared for our first scuba dive of the day. The team witnessed our first blacktip reef sharks and stingrays of the voyage, dont worry, they were just little guys. It was also very satisfying cleaning up trash from the bottom of the reef. Good job, snorkel team 6!

After a successful scuba dive, the team was ready to tear apart lunch. We put away our gear just in time for the spicy taco bowls. I was so hungry I couldnt resist going in for seconds.

We did a fast lunch clean-up, and the next scuba group was off to go on their own underwater adventures. Since we had a lot of extra free time, Finley and I spent some time studying for the looming fish id quiz.

Once everyone was done with their fish id quiz, it was time to relax after a long day of scuba diving and school. A movie night in the saloon was the perfect way to unwind. Pulp fiction was the classic we needed. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as the day came to an end.



1.Finley and sting


3. Study time at the bow


5.Cate on watch during the sunrise