Location: 13 30.51'S 87 36.98'E

Dear Moms and Dads,
Voyage life is treating us all very well so far! Most of us have grown our sea legs and are enjoying Argo’s constant rhythmic rocking. Today was a very relaxing passage day, and the weather was amazing, considering we are literally in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Early this morning, we caught another fish; unfortunately, there was nothing in its stomach for the group conducting research on fish stomach contents, but it made for a delicious lunch of Mahi-Mahi. Everyone is settling in very well with our new watch teams. Although the bonds made at the beginning of the trip with our first teams will remain in our hearts, it is nice to get to know crewmates you may not have gotten a chance to really talk to yet. Boat life has definitely become almost second nature for us and will be all we see until we arrive in Mauritius in about ten days. Academics are really picking up on this passage, and it is evident by the crowded saloon constantly full of laptops and books. Today we had both Marine Biology and Leadership, yet many of us were too preoccupied worrying about our Oceanography literature review paper that was due before dinner. Everyone studied really hard today and put in their best effort to catch up on work as midterms slowly creep up around the corner. Overall, it was another beautiful day sailing without the loud hum of the motor. We were even surprised by a beautiful rainbow ring around the sun, and the waves never fail to amaze us. Fingers crossed that the wind picks up, and we can continue to make great headway as we travel across the Indian! Until next time!

Dear Mom and Dad,
I hope all is well in “The Land!” I just wanted to let you know that I am having an amazing time aboard Argo. I have already learned so much, including sailing, scuba diving, science, and how to maintain my balance when the boat hits a big wave. The people I have met are all amazing in their own individual way, and I enjoy constantly laughing with them all day and all night long. I miss you tons, but I am so happy that Argo gets to be my home for the next 50 days!

Looking forward to the many adventures ahead of me, and I cannot wait to share them with you! Love you always! Give Walter and Lucy a big hug for me!
XOXO Grace