Location: Roseau, Dominica

Bienvenue Dominica! We’ve arrived at the furthest point South of our voyage, a small island that’s part of the Leeward Islands. Overnight passages are becoming easier for the whole crew, granted that this is only our second one. My watch team was at the helm when the clock struck 0000 hours, and we were surrounded by light. The moon transformed Ocean Star’s sails into humongous white lanterns that floated over the calm rippling waves of the Caribbean. Way above us, an array of stars more numerous than I had ever seen danced over every inch of the Milky Way, and not one of them was hiding from our sight. Under us, the waves that broke against the hull of the boat twinkled with bioluminescent plankton. Not much complaining can be done about a passage that has a clear starry sky, bioluminescent waters, minimal waves, and Frank Sinatra (thanks to Jack). It sure beats watching Netflix from the comfort of our couches at midnight.

Once moored on the island, we took out sponges, soap, and brushes and proceeded to clean the boat from boom to hull. There were bubbles everywhere; on the whole deck, the sails, and the crew. The scrub down continued down into the cabins and the salon, where everyone’s bunk was stripped of dirty sheets and wiped down until everything was sparkling and aromatic. Needless to say that cleaning an 88-foot schooner in the midday heat takes a toll on everyone. As the sun went down, we all bathed and sat down in the now clean salon or on deck and enjoyed the mixed sounds and smells of Roseau at night. We went to bed with exhausted bodies but thrilling experiences.