Location: St. Lucia

Hands down, St. Lucia is the most beautiful place that I have ever experienced. Exactly like the other two days spent in St. Lucia, today we were welcomed by the morning sun slowly climbing over a massive Piton covered in tropical jungle. As we ate our breakfast burritos and banana bread, I briefed the crew on the Island tour that was spectacular. From standing next to bubbling puddles in the middle of a caldera, to being showered by warm waterfall water, to touring an expansive botanical garden, we did it all today. Two nicely air conditioned vans drove us from paradise to paradise. My favorite part of the St. Lucia tour was the hot spring baths that we indulged in. These bathed were naturally filtered and were right next to a 30 foot high waterfall that rained down warm water on the slippery rock beneath. The whole crew sat in the pools experiencing the rejuvenating affects of the water. The sulfuric acid that helps filter these baths is said to be very good for the skin. The water is said to make you look younger while also having medicinal purposes like treating eczema, rashes and acne. The Island of St. Lucia is a surreal place and a few times I would have to stop, take a deep breath, and realize the immense beauty of my surroundings. I hope to return to St. Lucia someday to marvel at its splendor once again.

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