Location: Saba

Today we woke up and had an amazing breakfast, then had our final classes for Seamester. We finished our last marine biology class with a bit of review mixed in and the last chapter of our leadership book and discussion. After that, we got our bunks ready for the passage to Antigua, which would be our last time majorly going underway for the Seamester, which took up a small amount of time. We then had lunch followed by an impromptu practice rescue scenario where the rescue divers had to save a missing, unconscious diver. Amanda snuck away near the end of lunch and ended up floating at the surface for their practice. They did great at that, although they couldn’t tell if it was a scenario or not for a few seconds. After lunch clean-up, we finished passage prep for our voyage to Antigua and had shower time before we would be going underway. We then had a bit of study time, which some used better than others, before an early dinner, and during dinner clean-up, we got off our mooring and set sails to Antigua, where we split into watch teams later at night since we got underway later than normal. Once in watch teams, crewmates who were not on watch were able to finish up on homework and get a good night’s rest before their watch.

Pictured: Sunset pictures and the dishy crew.