Location: Nevis - Dominica

The anchor was pulled up at 0705, SBT (Standard Boomer Time), and we raised sails on route to Dominica. After a nice cereal breakfast underway, we broke into watch teams. Early morning and afternoon travel was slow, barely making 4 knots. Rich and Winston and the skipper braved the sea-sick-inducing galley slaving for hours on a 20o heel to make some “dang quesadillas” while the rest of the crew got us through a squall. Late afternoon saw more squalls causing us to man the sheets constantly until we were clear of squall activity. We got a pretty good view of the active volcano on Monserrat, with clouds covering its tall peak. Pretty cool. By nightfall, after some great pasta, the wind turned in our favor, and we made a good 7 knots for the rest of the night. (Hi mom).