Location: Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

After a delicious french toast breakfast, we learned more from our second unit in marine biology. An exciting unit filled with jellyfish and corals helped us to understand everything that we have been engaged with underwater. It is an amazing feeling when you can stick your head underwater and not only name the type of coral, jellyfish, or fish you are swimming with but knowing why it is there and how important its impact is on the environment. After class, we took the dinghies to land. Everyone was able to explore their own paths around Bequia today. Some chose to visit the plantation. Others hiked along the side of the island, finding beaches and fresh fruits to bring back to the boat. Leaving the island and its lovable puppies that follow you anywhere was hard, but we had a birthday to celebrate!! Brownies were being made in the galley as we had the chance to buy handcrafted whale tooth and bone jewelry from a generous local named Willie. He sailed over his treasures on his canoe. Afterward, we celebrated Kaiden’s birthday on deck and had a beautiful sunset to admire with dinner.

Pictured: Ocean Star just before sunset tonight; last night’s marshmallow challenge during Leadership class; Willie’s artwork that he brought on the boat for us to see; Willie leaving on his tiny canoe sailboat.