Location: underway

Clearly, we all have good karma since we’ve been blessed with yet another insanely sunshiny day. Night and day have become irrelevant by now- everyone’s living watch to watch, coffee to coffee, granola bar to a granola bar. But even though we’re all in the passage groove now, and with every watch teams get to know each other a little better, the thought of arrival in the Maldives has got everyone a little giddy. There are, after all, so many granola bars and clean clothes you can bring onboard. More good news of the day- all shipmates passed the basic seamanship IYT crew exam. So I guess we’re officially a crew now! Everyone’s dealing with the bucket loss quite beautifully. Showers again today with the hose (but not the big guns today, the smaller plastic one). But we’ve got our fingers crossed for a big, posh bucket store in the Maldives!

p.s. Argo arrived safely in the Maldives the morning of February 12. Stay tuned later this week for updates as we cruise these beautiful islands.