Location: Port Denarau, Fiji

Today started off bright and early for everyone with a quick rain shower, and some wind around 6 am. That woke up everyone who was sleeping in hammocks on deck, so we ran around getting laundry off of the lines and then decided to do some studying in the saloon until the official wake-up time of 7 am. When 7 o’clock rolled around, I woke up the rest of the crew who had been sleeping below deck to the sweet sound of “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson. This turned out to be a particularly apropos wake-up song because Gabe had made us some delicious banana bread for breakfast. It was still raining a bit during breakfast, but some of our crew claimed that the rain actually added something extra to the banana bread. And we saw a rainbow, which was pretty cool. After breakfast, we had a very cool marine biology class with Amanda, where we learned all about how different organisms interact with each other. After that, we have some free time which most of the crew used to either work on some homework or play cards. I am sorry to report that I am still terrible at Egyptian Rat Slap. I’m working on it. We had some very tasty leftovers for lunch and then got split up into our watch teams! This was a very exciting affair, seeing as we will be spending lots of time with our watch teams during passage. We then went through several different emergency drills (man overboard, fire, and abandon ship) and got to try out the fire hose. As we were wrapping up our drills, our covid testers arrived at Argo to tickle our brains. They were very kind, which made it much nicer, and the entire crew is very happy to have that done and over with. After our covid tests, it was time for dinner. Gabe made ramen, which was a huge hit! In fact, it was a lot of people’s appreciation for the day. For the squeeze question today, I asked people to say something kind someone had done for them that they still remembered. I mentioned how my wonderful friend biked alongside me when I was training for a marathon last summer (thanks, AB!). It was great to hear everyone’s answers and learn about the things that had left a mark on them. We are now just finishing up clean-up from dinner and will have seamanship class in a little bit. Overall, today was another great day on Argo!
– Annie

ps. Hi everyone, back home, I love and miss you loads!!!
pps. Dad, if you can’t tell from all the photos, your camera is very beloved by the whole crew. Thanks for letting me bring it 🙂

Caroline and Caleigh in the cockpit
Homework time
Ian enjoying the rainbow
Breakfast in the cockpit
Megan all dressed for the drizzle
Morgan and E dancing in the salon
Mia in the gopher hole
Many games of cards
Cole basking in the sun
Practicing using the fire hose
Watch Team 1
Watch Team 2
Watch Team 3