Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Today we awoke at 6:40 planning to go hike the Seven Sisters waterfalls. It was POURING rain but we still packed up our lunches and gear and loaded up into the taxis. We made our way up to the second highest point in Grenada to go hike through an even rainier rain forest where we all were dripping wet, slipping and sliding down muddy trails, tromping through streams, and all the while smiling and laughing. Our plan to jump off the waterfalls was thwarted by the massive rainfall which made the waterfalls a raging river. Instead we hiked/climbed steep mud trails to the waterfalls and swam in the calmer areas. Although it wasn’t the day we had planned it was still a great time. Once wed finished with the hike we all separated, some people went in to town to get snacks, others went to the restaurant by the dock and then the rest of our group went back to the boat to work on the copious amounts of work we have assigned. We regrouped at the boat with everyone at about 5 and by 6 we had a delicious pizza dinner cooked for us by Jake, Mac, Elliot and Mark. We also learned that we would be getting a night out which everyone was excited for. Overall it has been a great day.