Location: Horseshoe Reef, Tobago Cays

After spending our second night in Carriaco just off of Sandy Island, we started this morning off by preparing Ocean Star for our next passage. Once the boat was prepped and ready, it was time for the sails to go up. As skipper of the day, it was my responsibility to lead the crew in raising the sails, and this time, we would not have any additional guidance. Ian told us that the best sail teams could raise sails in 5 minutes, so the challenge was on. Our crew spit up and began raising the sails. Working together, we raised the Main Sail, the Fore Sail, the Stay Sail, and finally the Jib. At the moment, it felt like our team was pretty efficient, but after all the sails were up, the time had run 45 minutes. Not bad for the first time doing it without any guidance, we’ll be doing it in under 5 minutes by the end of April, though.
We spent the day sailing in light winds. First to Union island to clear in at customs since we were now entering Saint Vincent’s Grenadines. After clearing in, we made our way to the Tobago Cays, where we dropped anchor next to the island that Captain Jack Sparrow was marooned in Pirates of the Caribbean. I wonder if there’s any rum left? We cleaned up, and dinner was served with yet another incredible sunset as our backdrop. After dinner was cleaned up, we had a class with Steve and learned about microorganisms that are found in the Ocean.
It was surely another great day full of sailing, fun, and sunshine. But what’s new?

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