Location: Savannah Bay

Today was a big day for a lot of different reasons. Starting off the morning with the first dive theory class of the trip, the kids getting their open water certifications sat through their first class on diving ever while those getting their advanced and divemaster certifications continued their diving education up on deck. There was a lot more information than any of us were really prepared for, but we all went in swinging, and all passed both quizzes given to us.

Then, after lunch, the really fun part began: our first real passage prep. From making sure the top deck was clear and ready to go to make sure everything down below deck in the engine room was running smoothly, the crew had to prepare it all for our very first passage with a hoisted sail. Once we lifted our anchor out of the water and got underway, Tor and Nick gave us some guidance about the different parts of sails and how to raise them, and then a few others and myself got the sail up and put to its use. Our passage to Savannah Bay took a couple of hours, and a few of us (myself included) couldn’t help but take a quick power nap out in the sun. Once we arrived at our new anchorage, we jumped in for a swim and then learned how to set up all of our cool dive gear, a new experience for many on the ship.

It’s only day three, and many of us already picked up on little things about how the boat runs and how the pieces of it fit together. I’m really excited to see how quickly we all pick up on everything!