Location: Port Essington, Australia

The day kicked off with an early morning stretching session as the sun rose and wafts of bacon came tumbling out of the hatches on deck. When the clock struck 7, down below, I woke the crew for another spectacular day in the Northern Territory of Australia. Everyone jumped out of bed when I reminded them that Head Chef Will had prepared a ship-wide favorite breakfast of bacon, banana bread, and fruit! After breakfast, we grabbed our day packs, filled up our water bottles, and off to shore we went to explore the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park. As soon as we set foot on the red dirt trail, we all agreed that this place was definitely what we imagined Australia to be like. As we neared the ranger station, we were greeted by one of the head Rangers, Steve, who gave us an informational talk on the local flora and fauna in the area. We then set off to circumnavigate the swamp, where a few of the crew spotted a wallaby! After completing the swamp walk, the crew agreed to explore further, so we set out north to head for Smith Point. It was picturesque journey as we walked along the sandy shore for an hour or so up the coast. We made it to the point and sat in the shade of the red rocks admiring the beauty surrounding us. When everyone was ready to head back, we were met by the dinghies, bringing us back on board our lovely Argo, but not before seeing our first crocodile sighting! It was probably just over ten feet, but hard to tell as it was about 200 ft away. Well, I have to concur with Jack, as he was the closest to it when he drove the dinghy in to pick us up. Deck showers ensued to wash the red dirt off from shore, and the rest of the afternoon was spent studying, resting, and chilling on board. Now that dinner and cleanup have finished, those who are in the PSCT class will meet down below to learn about Maritime Law and then off to bed to get a good night’s sleep before another day of exploration onshore tomorrow!