Location: Malolo, Fiji


This is everyones favorite skipper Morgan coming to you live from the always beautiful Fiji! Today was a very fun-filled, rescue diver-heavy day which seems to be the general plan for most of our days lately. We had our final round of skills for the day, which included rescuing an unresponsive diver from the seafloor and a bunch of skills that involved calming down a panicked diver underwater. My partner was Jen, and she really put her all into panicking. She even ripped my regulator out of my mouth at one point, which, for anyone with no diving knowledge, means that I had no air underwater. Super fun. Its ok though, cause I get her back by being so panicked that she literally had to koala wrap her whole body around me to get me to stop flailing. Thanks, Jen, youre a real one! Of course, while all of this rescue stuff was going on, we had to have our trusty dry friends on deck keeping watch over everything. Ky, who is temporarily dry, and E, who is a rescue diver, made sure to keep watch over the watermelon that was meant to be served for lunch. I can confidentially say that we were served a significant amount less at lunch than was originally cut. I cant really blame them, though, especially because watermelon is Kys favorite fruit. After lunch, we got to experience our first rescue scenario. I was lucky enough to be the first rescuer in the water, so I went to Gabe, who was simulating a panicked diver. He hit me in the head with my solid plastic life ring, then proceeded to try and drown me, so it was a fun time all around. Little did I know, however, that Lolo was playing an unconscious, not breathing diver a mere 50 feet away. As soon as I saw her, I rushed over, abandoning Gabe to whoever the next poor soul was to take him on. I performed the assigned rescue on Lolo and swam her all the way to the dinghy where my powerhouse rescue team of Annie and Chloe were waiting eagerly to remove our victim from the water. On my swim, I got a glance of Cole in the middle of his rescue with Gabe, wherein he had him in a full bear hug at the surface, trying to calm him down. It certainly was a sight. We, unfortunately, did not pass our scenario as a team, but we were told we had a very good start, and a lot of our newly learned skills were put to good use. Hopefully, we nail our next one! Annie also got the chance to catch up on her rescue diver skills that she had missed while being dry. Were very excited to have her back with us! Tyler also dropped his mask during our scenario and had to free dive down about 50 feet to retrieve it. Luckily he got it, so no masks or staff were harmed in the making of this scenario.

The squeeze question for the night was, What is something underrated about the person to your left? generously donated by Kylie. The answers were a way to bring to light a trait about a person that might go unnoticed a lot of the time but makes our lives better. Everyone was very thoughtful about their answers, and I personally was very flattered when Tim said that I immerse myself in everything I do.

Thats all for today, folks. Tune back in to see if we get approved for Palau passage!

P.S. Hi buggy, I miss you. The sharks say hi, and I met a turtle that was 100 years old who told me to tell you hello.

P.P.S. Hey, Seanie. I guess I miss you too. Stay out of trouble and dont do anything I wouldnt do.