Location: Green Island

Today we finished off our rescue diver modules, however we are not done. We brought up an unresponsive diver from the bottom, rescued unconscious divers, and did water exits with our buddies. We had one red alert call where Beaker went missing under the boat; we had four divers searching, two snorkelers on the surface and surface support on the boat getting the oxygen ready. Luckily Beaker was just faking it and she came to, once on the boat. Then we went to the beach and had races getting our buddies out of the water. Then we had more simulations of getting unconscious divers on shore for CPR and rescue breaths. Once back on the boat we had free time where most people wrote their essays or worked on their fish journals that are due tomorrow. However, I taught a beginner windsurfing class for Steve and Mark. The winds were light and very good for learning the basics. Both of them picked it up fairly quickly. Hopefully it blows hard tomorrow so they can really see how hard windsurfing is.