Location: Bequia

Argo’s day began on the early side (or the late depending on your watch time) as we continued our watches underway from Dominica to Bequia using the north star as our guide. It marked the first time during our voyage that we were broken up into our teams to guide Argo to her destination. Watch team 3- the greatest watch team ever- was responsible for the 9 PM to 12 AM and the 6-9 AM shifts during which we stargazed and watched the sunrise. Overall, we performed well on our first overnight passage with the small exception of the starboard five cabins who experienced a very important lesson in hatch closure while underway. After arriving in Port Elizabeth, Bequia, we had a quick lunch and rallied for an extensive boat appreciation. While one group cleaned and polished every inch of Argo, another disembarked for our first research dive. We observed the colorful fish and coral of the Caribbean and completed the first step in receiving a research diver certification!