Location: Dominica to Les Saintes

Today we woke up in Portsmouth Dominica, ate a cereal breakfast then had to say goodbye to that wonderful, water-rich island. Music from a party that had been going all night petered out around 730 as we cleaned up our breakfast dishes. We proceeded to prep the boat for sailing, a process that has become so much shorter; it’s hard to imagine how long it took us in the beginning. The wind was good, and we sailed off the anchor. The sail was a bit nauseating for some, but for the most part, we enjoyed the sun and the remaining fruit collected on the tour in Dominica. The sail took us 24 miles to Les Saintes, a familiar place. The harbor area that we had left what felt like only a couple weeks prior was now filled with yachts as the season has now begun. We ate a fitting French Onion soup then gave our boat a good scrub-down. Afterward, Ivy gave us a brief class on nutrient cycling and primary production up on deck. We then showered and did some work for an upcoming paper on Marine Protected Areas for Marine Bio, followed by a Bio class on animal identification. The animals are beginning to be familiar, and those that aren’t hopefully will be before the time is up. Tomorrow we have shore time, and then we head north again for some new adventures.