Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

We sailed through the night and arrived home in the BVI’s at about 7 a.m. We had nice wind for the entire sail, and the beam reached straight through the Round Rock passage. The shipmates have been leading their own watches here for a while now, and this last passage went as smooth as silk. The heavens were bright, and we spent a little time identifying the most navigable stars. Once we reached Virgin Gorda, we pulled into The Baths, cleaned the boats, cleared customs, provisioned, and went swimming in the crystal clear waters surrounding the huge smooth boulders. We pulled the anchor at noon and set sail for Gorda Sound. The wind was still blowing well, and we close-hauled ( with a little help from the engine ) all the way there. We dropped anchor, and the crew made their way to Ocean Star for a dive paperwork party, or so they thought. While the unsuspecting shipmates were down in the salon, the staff and MC executed the first Rescue Scenario. Simon and I put on dive gear and went missing; MC fell and hit his head on Irving’s prop; Dan got battery acid in his eyes and was somehow impaled with a screwdriver. Lisette ran down into the salon and screamed for help, and the new rescue divers sprung into action. Simon and I were quickly found at 30 feet while the onboard injuries were treated. It was a success, and I’d like to think they never saw it coming. We finished the day with a quick windsurfing session and then a healthy dinner of falafels and potatoes prepared by C-Tal. Finally, bed, it was a long day.