Location: Victoria Harbour, Seyshells

Hello family &Friends,

Today was another chill day on Vela. Those of us who went to land yesterday got to sleep in until 9, while the others who went to the doctors yesterday went to Moyenne Island and experienced the tortoises. We then had a huge breakfast of eggs and toast. It was nice to get some fresh apples this morning as well. After breakfast, those of us who are going for the Rescue Diver certificate started watching the course videos. After that, the advanced open water divers went over the knowledge reviews, and we all had some study time before lunch.

After lunch, we had some more study time to get started on our marine biology essay before showering. Tonight was a little different as we got dressed and ready to go to land for our first meal off the boat in fifty days. Since we are going to get back a little late, I am writing this blog before dinner, and everyone is excited to see more of the culture of these beautiful islands.


1. Study time

2. Rescue video with smudge

3. Bow cheeky backies

4. Max working in the bilge


The gang all scrubbed up for dinner.