Location: Gibraltar

We started the day early with breakfast at 7:30 after which we quickly had an Oceanography class, which we tried to fit in before the beginning of the Rugby World Cup. There was national pride running on this game because our captain is from New Zealand and one of our shipmates is French. For the game we all gathered at a lounge at the end of our dock and we had some English breakfasts while watched the game. Several small euro bets were placed on the game so some went home happier than others when New Zealand won the cup. From here our group broke up, each group wanting to do everything they had missed the days before. My group managed to fit in the three major attractions that the Rock of Gibraltar has to offer. We went to Saint Michaels cave, The Great Siege Tunnels, and the Moorish Castle. Saint Michaels cave was amazing, it is incredible to think that water was able to create huge caverns and gigantic stalagmites and stalactites. In the great siege tunnels I was amazed by the dedication and skill of the British soldiers who had tunneled through solid rock in order to place cannons which would help defend themselves. The Moorish castle was great to see what the life for the non Europeans was like before they were forced out of Europe. After visiting all these sites we were exhausted so we quickly returned to the boat ate dinner and turned in early for our day of surfing in the morning.

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