Location: Darwin, Australia

After a well-needed night’s rest, the students began the day with a policy briefing over coffee. Following breakfast, the students were introduced to the many safety devices used on the boat, both for daily use and in the event of an emergency. Survival suits (known on the boat as “Gumby suits”) were fetched, and everyone was able to don them in well under 2 minutes. In addition to the suits, students were given inflatable life vests, which double as harnesses to ensure maximum safety on board.

After lunch, we all took showers on deck, and students spent the afternoon getting to know each other and sharing stories. It was clear that the group was full of energy and excitement, and the immediate chemistry within the group was obvious.

The day was rounded out by an excellent meal of beef and cheese in green peppers with rice prepared by the chefs of the day; Falk, Aiden, and Alex. After Sunset, several dolphins stopped by the ship to wish us good luck on our trip to Kupang bright and early tomorrow.