Location: Underway to Palau

Today was another exciting day of sailing in the Pacific Ocean. We had two classes, per usual, after lunch. Today we had some Seamanship practice, and then we took our marine bio exam on estuaries, coral reefs, and the deep sea. I think we have all settled into passage life by now, which has made it a lot more fun. I know I personally am very grateful that I am no longer seasick. One of the best things about being underway has been our watch schedule. While it might seem like waking up for four hours in the middle of the night would be less than fun, it is actually a blast! We have had a lot of fun talks, great dance parties, and funny stories told during the late-night watches. We have all also gotten a lot more comfortable with Argo the past week. Doing boat checks has helped us all become more knowledgeable about what is in the engine room and generally how Argo runs. I have also loved getting more comfortable helming. At night we use the stars to make sure we stay on course. Lucky for us, we have had some incredible stars the last few nights. I have never seen so many shooting stars in my entire life. When the stars get covered by the clouds, we can use the wind to tell if we are staying on course. Both my and Steph’s preferred method is to keep track of which of our braids the wind is hitting. I am a big fan of helming. It makes me feel very nautical. I would say all of us have become decently nautical, seeing as we haven’t seen land for a bit now. It is pretty wild to think about all that we have achieved as a crew during this passage. I know I am super proud of everyone on the boat and how much they have accomplished. Plus, I had a dream that Taylor Swift told me she was proud of us. I don’t know if it can get much better than that. Maybe the only cooler thing than that dream would be actually arriving in Palau at the end of this passage! I don’t know if it has really sunk in for most of the crew that this is happening, but we are wildly excited about it. It doesn’t get much cooler than this.

PS. Hi everyone, back home! I am missing you all a little extra this weekend, but I can’t wait to see you all again and tell you all our stories 🙂

Current position: 0814.81’S x 16422.59’E

Underway views
Amanda’s Challah from a few days ago
Our “mast hug” that we sometimes do during deck showers