Location: Pulau Pemanggil, Maylasia

It was a busy, action-packed day for Argo and her crew. After finishing a delicious oatmeal breakfast prepared by chefs Rosy and Tim, we set to work to 40/40 Argo for passage. Our next destination is Pemanggil! Our passage was a short few hours but eventful. The wind allowed us to raise all sails except the flying jib and sail for the first time, headed off on a broad and beam reach. To ensure there was no accidental jibing, the use of preventers was required for the first time, and we got to secure them. Kevin and Eliot also assembled a crew to extend the flying jib sheets, and much fun was had while learning to splice and whip the lines together. Arriving at Pemanggil, a beautiful and remote island, the PSCT class members were put to the test and placed in charge of striking/flaking all the sails and anchoring the boat. The practice course proved both successful and fun. The evening found all shipmates tired but excited about the adventure and accomplishments of passage.