Location: Savannah Bay to Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today aboard Ocean Star, we had a fantastic day! We woke up to a lovely day and a nice breakfast. Our first activity was a pin rail orientation. Together we went through the many lines on the deck and what each one controls. We prepared the deck and sails to make way. This was the first time our group saw Ocean Star at her best, under full sail! We started with raising the mainsail, moved up to the gaff-rigged foresail, and then headed up deck to the staysail and jib. We sailed away from Savannah Bay along the coast of Virgin Gorda, trimming sails and learning different maneuvers along the way. Jacob and Gwen both took the helm bringing us through a tack and a jibe. For lunch, we sailed out past the island and hove-to, which allows the boat to stay relatively still without using any power. We finished up our successful sail into Mountain Point. After getting the sails away, our new divers did their first open water dive, while our certified divers went for a fun dive. Mountain Point has wonderful coral life and several fish species making it an awesome place to discover the underwater world. We finished up the afternoon with a swim and shower time before our Mexican Fiesta. After dinner, Matty is going to teach everyone how to use recreational dive tables. The trip has been smooth sailing so far, and we are all stoked to see what comes next. More news soon from the amazing crew of Ocean Star.