Location: Underway to Grenada

So it is my day to be a skipper, and it seems it will be a beautiful day. We started out the day in Lee bay off the coast of Montserrat. Montserrat is one of the only islands to have an active Volcano on it. I was pretty excited to be sailing away because we would get a view of the south side of the island (restricted side we couldn’t go to), not to mention the smell that we would receive downwind. I started the day off with a poem that I’m told wouldn’t be blog-appropriate. I’ll just say it had some humorous lines that had to do with our first written assignment (how the introduction of Viagra affects species used in traditional Chinese medicine. We departed from Montserrat with the greatest of ease, ready for the upcoming passage (40+ hours of continuous sailing). I’m really impressed by how everyone is working together to more efficiently set up sails and be underway quickly. One thing you should know about being underway, it’s like riding one of those pendulum rides non-stop while trying to move around, cook, sleep, eat, etc. (getting used to the bathroom is a treat). Its been challenging getting used to the feeling, and a few have discovered the best place to be is mid-ship (if sensitive to the motion of the ocean). I seem to be immune to the sickness of the sea (Thank Poseidon). We sailed through most of the day with the decent wind, but there was a good period where we were downwind from a distant island. This island intercepted most of our wind, leaving us floating about in the ocean for a couple of hours. We utilized this time for dinner (all of the breakfast, lunch, and dinner was delicious, thank you, Ryan and Shanley). We sailed through the day and into the night with only the 3 to 4-foot swells and the occasional brown Boobie or school of flying fish. The night was truly a sight to behold. Such a clear sky, and the stars were so bright (due to lack of moon till 3 am). I took this opportunity to learn some constellations and then shortly after hitting the hay, another successful day.