Location: Lizard Island

Today we started off with two classes: Marine Biology and Dive tables. In Ocean biology, we got to learn about natural selection and how different species are categorized. Then we learned how dive tables worked and how we should plan dive lengths so we won’t get decompression sickness. Next, we had lunch, which was grilled cheese made with the delicious bread I had made the night before. After lunch was MTE, where we learned how to clean clogged toilets, should it come to that. Then we had Open Water dive 4, where we learned how to ascend properly when we ran out of air and practiced putting our masks on underwater. After diving, we had some free time, so some people went snorkeling, others did work, and a few played some card games. Finally, we had dinner and PSCT (Professional Skipper Crew Training) for those who wanted. Tomorrow well, be doing the last open water dive and another advanced dive. That’s all for now. See you tomorrow.