Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island, BVI

So its day eight and we’re finally one big, happy crew family living aboard Ocean Star. We’ve done a lot of exciting things these past few days. The most exciting today being us, ‘SCUBA newbies’ getting our open water certification today! We all had a celebratory victory dance at 60 feet underwater with our instructor Tor. After that, we sailed to Great Harbor Peter to anchor for the night. On our way there, we tried to stop over at Necker Island and have tea with Richard Branson, but he wasn’t home. Once we arrived, we had our second marine biology class and learned how we are going to take marine research for class while diving! It’s been a totally different experience going from never having sailed a boat before to being a full-time crew member for the next two and half months on an 88-foot schooner. It’s only been one week, but it feels like we’ve all been friends for a long time. We have a really cool group of people here, and I couldn’t have asked for better staff members.