Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

We had our first anchor watch last night! Talk over breakfast was all on our first experience of this Ocean Star duty and tradition. We were all a little nervous to have the safety of the ship and crew on our hands for an hour, but the first night went without a hitch, none of the staff had to be woken up! After breakfast, the Open Water divers (all of us but two) met with Casey to go over the scuba diving basics we read last night and an introduction to the equipment. After lunch, the Open Water divers had their first dive! We went out in two groups, with one group learning to drive (Exy) and the other diving in the shallow water by the beach with Casey. Learning to breathe and relax was the most difficult part, but soon everyone became comfortable and we began working on the basic such as retrieving our regulators, clearing our masks, and several procedures to help a diver in distress. We had a couple minutes to swim around before returning to Ocean Star; my group saw a school of minnows and a little bit of coral. For the Caribbean, that only scratches the surface, but it was enough to wet our appetite for more in the coming weeks! After some down time and showers, our wonderful chefs of the day, Kristen and Jesse, served us a meal of Sloppy Joe’s. As always the seagulls came to join us uninvited, screeching at us the entire time. We were happy to oblige with our dish scrapings at the end of the meal. The rest of our night consisted of going over more scuba diving certification material with Casey and reading the assigned chapters in the PADI book. Yes, we have homework aboard the Ocean Star, but somehow, the view of the BVI’s makes it worth it.