Location: 33*09,322 S. 28*00,768E

Hello friends and family,

With the South African coastline still visible off our starboard side, we continue to make our way south towards Cape Town. The sky has been a beautiful grey soup that seems to blend with the land and sea in a way that brings forth the feelings of the early springtime. The brisk temperature brings even further. The rolling waves have been getting stronger throughout the day, and the 6-9 watch this morning saw a waterspout! Most of our day was spent below deck, however; the brief bites of fresh air we did take have been so fresh and so clean, being just far enough from the land to be rid of all the assorted scents. Once everyone ate lunch and finished cleanup, we had our final Marine Biology Class of the trip, which was quite bittersweet. From this, we moved on to a quick Oceanography quiz before presenting our group projects. During the presentations, one of the TVs had something funky going on with its colors, which added some comedy to the otherwise informational presentations. Once the presentations were completed, we had an hour and a half of free time to shower, nap, or just chill out before dinner, which was chicken caesar salad wraps that were delicious. These were eaten downstairs in order to avoid losing our lettuce to the wind, and then we went up on deck to have a squeeze and do cleanup.

Amy Elle and Myra on the helm

2.Noah and Fin

3. A Sea spout