Location: Underway to Taha'a

This morning, we woke up at 6:30 for eggs and toast and began prepping Argo for passage. After the long day yesterday, some of the crew were slow to wake up! We had a list of tasks to complete, with assignments given by our skipper of the day, Kari. The tasks ranged from making sure the cabins were 40/40, to tidying up all the lines aboard, to doing safety drills (including simulating fighting a fire). We even learned how to check the engine room, although the heat was sweltering. The crew worked tirelessly to prepare Argo for her first long passage of the trip. After a few hours and lots of learning, we were finally underway! Each member of the crew helped raise the anchor and sails, flake the lines, helm the ship, and more. At first, the waters were calm, and the weather was beautiful. As we said goodbye to Mo’orea, we had the privilege of seeing the clear blue ocean water as the tiny island slowly disappeared into a speck. After a lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup, we broke into watch teams for the remainder of the sail. Evan, James, and Kari began working on a stir fry in the galley while the first watch team continued their sail. All of a sudden, the galley began to get dark, and Argo’s rocking increased. Many of the crew members started coming down below, with their hair soaking wet and excitement in their eyes.

As the watch team grabbed their foulies, those of us who were down below laughed about how the crew was getting a freshwater “shower.” Stephanie, Shelby, Ryan, Cat, and Frank were on watch team 3, and the squall hit right as they were to be relieved by watch team 1, so Amanda, Sam, Garrison, Ruby, and Maddie went on deck to help. The two groups learned a lot about boat handling; they jibed, adjusted the sail trim, and began motoring- all while drenched in their foulies! Meanwhile, Kari, James, and Evan jammed to some 80’s music while preparing dinner and doing the dishes. All in all, it was a great learning experience and a cool day. The rest of tonight has boat checks, watch teams, and (hopefully) some sleep in store for us. Tomorrow morning, we’ll arrive in Taha’a and continue our adventure!

Signing off,

Pictured: Sam Garrison, and Tim manning the fire hose for our fire drill this morning; Margaux, Maddie, Kari, and Amanda helping with the fire pump; beautiful blue water on our departure