Location: Underway to Mossel Bay, South Africa

Today we started off bright and early, leaving Port Elizabeth at 5 am. After groggily coming up on deck, we let loose of the dock lines and quickly started our journey to Mossel Bay. As we were leaving port, we were followed by a friendly dolphin who was bidding us farewell a couple of hours into our journey; we were greeted by some other pretty rad wildlife. A couple of penguins poked their heads out of the water to check us out, and then after a few seconds, dove back in. Seals followed shortly after, hanging out on the surface with their flippers sticking straight up. At one point, Tina walked up, waving at one, and it seemed to wave right back. Pretty magical stuff.
After more watch, some pretty yummy lunch, and normal clean up, we had a study hall to prepare for a Marine Biology exam. All I have to say is, thank god for that study hall. After taking probably the hardest test in the world, we had a little bit of free time. Some of us napped, some did work, and some hung out in the Fo’c’sle, chatting away until dinner. Dinner was nice and chill, and it was even better because we got to turn the engine off and just sail. Nothing compares to the sound of no engine. It was a very chill relaxed day, to say the least, and we’re all eagerly waiting to get to Mossel bay to do some more exploring and see cool things. (Hopefully, we see some great whites!)

Till next time,
Emily (:
(hey family miss you guys, please pet the dogs for me)