Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

After an evening of being thrown by the swells, we ate a breakfast of oatmeal. This was followed by adventures across the island with Erol and Zebra. Our first stop was Fort Fredrick, one of the only forts that never fired a shot in anger. We shuffled around the fort for a bit and took lots of pictures. After Fort Fredrick, we traveled onto the lower portion of the seven sisters waterfalls. Many scaled the walls in order to find a jumping spot. Eric, however, raised his heart rate sheerly by watching others. Aspen, Mark, Peter, John, and Gabe conquered the whole waterfall. Upon return, we befriended a dog on the dock by pulling it around with a stick. Afternoon activities included fender rafts and extended game of king-of-the-fender in which all parties involved were nearly injured. Unscathed, we dined on a superb meal of C-tal’s falafels, after which most of the crew was immobile. The evening was finished with a short OCE review and some casual salon time.