Location: East London, South Africa

Early this morning, we arrived in East London. The watch teams were woken up in the rotation to assist in bringing Argo onto the dock. Followed by a quick nap, our day started with a mini Boat Appreciation. As usual, the moment we arrive at our destination, we clean the boat. However, because this passage was so short, Argo was not too dirty, so it only took an hour.

After lunch, we had a Seamanship class. This consisted of a quick review for our Navigation Master exam tomorrow. Our objective is to show Eric and Carolyn our mastery of chart work. Unfortunately, the impending exam caused much distress among the crew. As one can see in the photos, some chose to hide inside sweatshirts. Others chose to sprawl across the charts. It is still unknown if this is due to despair or exhaustion. One notable sleeping position is beautifully demonstrated by Allie, who laid upon the ground is using the hanging bag of potatoes as a most delectable pillow.

Another noteworthy photo is of Claire cradling a watermelon. Due to the enormous size of this watermelon, about the size of a chubby toddler, it was deemed appropriate to swaddle it in a towel and name it Watson. The last slightly ridiculous-looking photo is of Jules sprawled across the deck after she ran into and hit her head on the pin rail. These are just a few documented instances of the shenanigans that occur aboard Argo.

That night we were invited to a braai at the local yacht club. A braai is a traditional South African barbecue. Upon arrival, we went up to the bar and were handed individual trays of raw meats. We then went over to the open wood fire to cook our meal. Our primal instincts kicked in as we seasoned and cooked our meats to perfection. These consisted of at minimum one sausage, one bone of a lamb, as well as a slice of beef.

Additionally, we were supplied with a hearty side of potato salad, greek salad, and rolls. We talked with our hosts, locals of East London, and learned about life on this side of the world. All in all, it was a fun night filled with great conversation and many laughs among friends.