Location: Orient Harbor, Long Island, NY

After a cold night of anchor watch, we woke up at 7:00 am for some granola and yogurt. After breakfast, we had a great time with leadership class and oceanography. Thinking about what the qualities of a leader are, and then taking in a ton of information about giant squids and how a group of scientists got footage of them even in the very darkest parts of the ocean. After class, we relaxed for a bit while the chefs slaved away, making some of the best quesadillas you will eat. After everyone had eaten, it was time to learn about the boat. Since we are putting our sails up for the first time tomorrow, we had to make sure everything was in order, and everyone knew what certain lines (lines are ropes but for sailors) did. After a lot of tying and untying of knots and tying and untying of knots again, we were set into groups that we’re each responsible for certain lines or sail covers. We learned about pin rails and the ways to secure knots on them. We saw the blocks in action, and we moved the running backstays from near the cockpit to the pin rails. One group even flaked the fisherman’s sail to stow below deck since Argo has 6 sails, and not all are needed at all times. Argo was almost ready to sail, so we headed down below to get a start on the many papers that we need to write. The main culprit was the leadership autobiography paper that needed to be done in 9ish days, so everyone got their laptops out and started writing away. Time was flying, and soon it was dinner. Those chefs I mentioned earlier hit gold again with their delicious rendition of paella. After we cleaned up from dinner, we had a short scientific reading and writing tutorial and then hung out until it was time to go to bed and then wake up in the morning for anchor watch. Then we can get ready to finally sail tomorrow.

The stern of the boat

The davit that lets us put our boats in the water

Off to our starboard side, a shore of long island

The bathroom pump

Everyone chatting after dinner

More chatters after dinner