Location: Marigot Bay, St Lucia

Marigot Bay affords enough protection that no anchor watch was stood the 24th, and none will be stood tonight. Day began with cereal breakfast at 07:30 , followed by intense boat cleaning, including polishing the brass. Shore time at Marigot Bay, which includes free wireless internet, began at 11:30 and continued to 16:30. David and Beaks provisioned at Castries at a very busy supermarket; people waited in line to pick up trolleys, i.e. carts; we waited about 10 minutes to get ours. The store, unfortunately, had no bread and we checked two bakeries on the way back where, at last, we were able to buy our 10 loaves, all in all a 2.5 hour shopping ordeal. After dinner we had a class on Reptiles for OCB.