Location: Les Saintes

Today was a day of adventure and exploration for the Ocean Star Crew. Getting up with the sunrise we feasted on some homemade blueberry muffins made by our Chefs. Next we headed to shore to explore Terre De Haute, the main inhabited island. Terre De Haute offers a variety of delicious bakeries restaurants and great souvenir shops. On the far side of the island there is a small airport with a beautiful beach facing the Atlantic and on the top of one of the peaks lies the Great Napoleons Fort. After a long day of walking around, people watching and stuffing our faces with delicious gelato we made our way back to the boat for an afternoon free dive. Just 100 yards from where we are anchored lay a wreck of an old tug boat. It’s in a shallow grave and easily accessible by snorkeling. We enjoyed our afternoon exercise and sat down for dinner. After lasagna the Oceanography class presented their projects for the group. It’s a calm hot night and we look forward to a new day.