Location: Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Wake up was a little bit late today, 7:10: sweet potato hash and sauted veg and eggs with hollandaise sauce for brekky. Swiftly moved onto sail training with Ian M, and today, we the students ran sail training ourselves. Staff was in the chart house for this one, meaning I had the job of delegating the work to others and rallying the crew to sail for ourselves. All of this was done under the watchful eyes of Ian M, but he tried to step back and let the students become the masters today. We had to form our first passage plan on our own, and we planned to leave at 9:30, but left at 9:30…. ish, meaning 10:30. This was tough on me because there was little guidance on how long it would take to get rolling, so the ball was in my court per se. The wind was very unpredictable today, forecast told us one thing, it did just about the exact opposite, so the sail trim was constantly being adjusted, thus preparing us for a Classics week dub (a dub is a win or a W in the win/loss column for all those needing translation back home). We pulled up to this beautiful place known as Marigot bay to call home for a couple of days, and it is amazing here. Mom, Dad, if you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ll be here. I’ll take this time to shout out my grandma, love you, Lorelei. When we got here, we were unsure of our final destination, mooring, anchor, or docking, which threw us for a little loop. We ended up docking because our usual mooring was occupied. The bay is very narrow, so it was tough navigating in here with all the other big ships around here, all doing their own things as well. We finally made it to the promise-land.

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