Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Today, after the class had its last leadership class and presentation (about sea gypsies, by Annie McCarthy), the skipper kept his cowardly reserve and watched his crew head the challenge of ascending Saba. The coastline is merciless, and enforced some wounds into the crew during the transition from dinghy to shore. They then marched some eight-hundred steps to reach the tallest point in Saba, and to glory. It was a sight for the skipper’s delirious gaze to watch his crew return, bubbling with the substantial weight of achievement upon a good day. The mates then worked on their research projects due in three days into dinner time. Brought to satiety by some omega nachos and vegetable soup, the crew then mustered with respect for their last, and well-deserved, Marine Biology class. The nights are winding down on Ocean Star, and hopefully the crew utilizes the time to devote it to each other in intention of developing lasting respect and unity concerning their conclusion to a great voyage.