Location: Passage to Antigua

We left Nevis earlier than first planned, setting us up for a mid-morning arrival in Antigua. It was a beautiful ride over – much easier than the passage to Nevis, with MUCH less seasickness (which may or may not have had anything to do with the magic pills given to some of the queasier crew members.) Watch was punctuated with a series of shooting stars, including one that seemed to explode over our heads, illuminating the night sky. In Antigua, we have really seen how the Caribbean slows down over the summer. We are one of a very few boats in the harbor, and most of the businesses are shut down until the weekend – very different from the stories we have heard about this place during the high season when it is walled with yachts and sailors from all over. Shortly after the first “Basic Seamanship” class, we celebrated our two successful passages with some downtime on shore and a chance to get to know everyone just a little bit better. We finished up the night with the Open Water and the Rescue students preparing for their next open dives tomorrow.