Location: Pulau Kapas, Malaysia

Up anchor from Malaysia’s port of Kuala Terengganu. Decided to motor sail to the beautiful island of Pulau Kappas. Just 5 miles away, we went from muddy water to crystal clear water, and upon arriving, we found dense vegetation and white sandy beaches. I thought of the song ‘Bali Hai’ from the famous movie South Pacific. All of us are giddy with excitement to take the plunge into the big blue and explore the world beneath the rolling waves. We found the island just as we had hoped and read about; a perfectly stable environment for our confined water training of the SCUBA course as well as some slightly deeper dives to explore soon after. We had our first dive chat on equipment and then took the rest of the day to explore! We all snorkeled the coral reef just a few feet from shore, which spans most of the coast. We saw so much life in just a few feet of water and thoroughly enjoyed our first naturalist exploration. After, a few of us cracked open a few coconuts to enjoy the island flavor and played baseball with a small coconut and a bamboo stick on the beach. What a treat!